Mcdonald’s launches champions of play in Indonesia


September 3, 2012 by venke

Today Mcdonald’s launched an initiative to motivate Indonesian kids to play outside.

Objective : encourage parents to let their little ones play outside.

Champions of play is a global initiative to leverage the  partnership of Mcdonald’s with London Olympics. Though Indonesia is not an active olympics nation, being the fourth largest population we should expect future champions. For that to happen parents today need to encourage their kids to play.

All Mcdonald’s stores in jakarta area have been stocked up with Redballs. Along with Happy Meals purchase, parents can buy this unique coded redball and let their kids play with it. They can record their kids play and post it on and get their friends to vote. Share the excitement on facebook. Few lucky & active kids and parents will go to Universal Studios Singapore apart from other exciting gifts.

We at Leo Burnett Indonesia are quite excited because this is our first major digital led initiative for Mcdonald’s in indonesia.  Success of this campaign will lead to more digital initiatives. We wanted to see first hand how parents & kids are responding to this campaign. So the digital team  landed in Serenah mall Mcdonald’s store for lunch. Our nerves rested once we saw a huge line of parents & kids waiting to pick  up the red ball.  And as the day progressed the online gallery is recording submissions of kids in action.

Hopefully in the days to come this will become talk of the town and encourage Indonesia to produce champions of play.

The site is in bahasa Indonesia, so may be difficult to Non Bahasa speakers to navigate. 98% of Indonesia social activity is in Bahasa Indonesia, so there was no need to do an English version of the site.


One thought on “Mcdonald’s launches champions of play in Indonesia

  1. prashanth says:

    Interesting initiative. All the best!

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