Coca Cola – Goodness Sharing Machine

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October 5, 2012 by venke

Ramadan is a special time in Indonesia. Though Indonesia is a country with 85% Muslim population, it is not an Islamist nation. People and the government are quite secular, peace loving and ardent in their devotion. Most of the nation fasts during this time of the year. It is always tricky to find the right balance in promoting food and drink during this time. Leo Burnett did a fantastic campaign for Mcdonald’s last year where we covered all food shots in promo material including the Golden Arches with a white cloth.

This year we created a digital engagement program for Coca Cola in Indonesia during Ramadan. With the focus on fasting and prayers, people pay more attention to their kind and virtuous nature during Ramadan. This was the insight which helped us create the platform of “Goodness sharing”.

The activity construct : people visit the goodness sharing website and share a virtual can of coke with their own message of goodness  with their friends through email, Twitter and facebook.  For each Goodness message Coca Cola Indonesia contributed money to send poor Indonesian school drop outs, back to school.

Coca Cola Goodness sharing Case study

[Coca Cola Goodness sharing Case study]

Campaign was a big success during Ramadan 2012. With over 15000 Goodness messages contributed the campaign spread abundance Goodness as Indonesians opened happiness with a coke.


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